What Charlotte did next, part 2

Posted: 15 Nov 2017 - 11:32
What Charlotte did next
How do students make decisions about where to study? We find out how music-lover Charlotte chose between two conservatoires - both with impeccable credentials.

“I applied to two conservatories. I auditioned for both and got into both. Then it was the tricky business of deciding which one was right for me.

Leeds College of Music stood out from the start. When I put them down as one of my choices, I was added to a Facebook page for freshers. It helped me get a glimpse of student life and what it would feel like to go there. I even spoke to some current students online. 

An invite into their world

I got a lot of information at every stage of my application. They sent me a letter before my audition, inviting me to see a performance. It was like being invited into their world, their community. 

I also went to an ‘experience day’ at Leeds and got a taster of the classes and which modules to take. That was great, because you get to see what it’s like from the inside.

Feeling like a person, not a number

I think what swung it for me was the personal touch from Leeds. Straight away, before I’d even said ‘yes’ they were eager to show me what they offered and how they could help.

It was more about me than them. That’s an approach every student wants when they apply. 

The whole procedure of applying for higher education is scary – conservatoires and universities need to make it simpler and less nerve-wracking!  Feeling like you are being listened to and understood is what matters to students. Make us feel like a person – not a statistic! 

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Anna early engagement

“The earlier a uni can send you information about the subject you’re interested in, the better – at the start of sixth form, I’d made up my mind” Anna 
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