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There are a number of ways we are supporting the sector with it's attraction and recruitment activity during this challenging time. If you’d like to discuss any of these further, or have any questions please get in touch with your account manager.

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UCAS launch their accommodation search in response to student research

UCAS' research revealed that student accommodation influenced the choice of university for 80% of students. So, we’ve developed accommodation search – a trusted source of accommodation information for:

- students in year 12, or their equivalent, researching their higher education options

- 700,000 applicants selecting their higher education choices 

- existing students who might be looking for specific support

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Put your university, brand or employer in front of unplaced students who are deciding what to do next. 

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Reach the next generation of students who are actively researching their purchases for uni now. 98% of 2022 applicants we’ve surveyed say they’ll buy new items for uni - be front of mind when they do



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