The student experience: results day

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 - 14:41
Fernando Nacu
A level results day has passed, and students all over the country have discovered how they did in their exams. We asked students from the UK and around the world to tell us about their results day experience.

Paula Fernanda

Choosing to study abroad was my biggest dream since I was little.

I finished college in Romania in June. Results day was the most important, and also the most exciting day. I was thrilled, happy, anxious. I had three big exams, and was stressed all week, until I got my results.

On the night before results day, I didn’t sleep at all – I was so scared. When I found out I had passed, I was crying so hard with happiness, and called all my relatives and friends. We celebrated with drinks and cakes at a party in town.

Now I’ve been accepted to university, and I’m preparing myself to study criminal investigation with psychology. I couldn’t ask for more. I’m beyond happy, and thankful for everything, and am also very proud of myself. 


Andrew Richards

Fortunately, I already have my results, as I finished my A levels over 15 years ago! Now my main concern is getting the funding to allow me to change my career.

Thinking back, I was nervous on results day. I wanted to do well and didn’t always have confidence in my abilities. I always felt something would go wrong or I would misunderstand the questions. I went with one of my best friends, Gareth, as we always got our results together – we went early to avoid the stress of not knowing, as well as the queues!

Afterwards, I remember we went to practice golf in a local park. I don’t like to make a fuss about things, so I was happy to just have a quiet day with my family. I was busy being nervous about what might be coming next in my life!

/files/andrew-richards">Andrew Richards

Andrew Richards

Jason Laryea

The anxiety associated with results day starts when you finish an exam. After every exam, I went into analysis mode, and broke down the number of marks I got in each question. I would convince myself I had somehow achieved an A*, which, for some of my exams, was a bit of a stretch.

It's been one month and one day since my last exam, and for the most part, I’m feeling pretty excited for results day, because I worked really hard all year to get the best grades possible, especially in maths.

However, this wouldn't be an honest blog post if I said I didn't feel nervous about results day – trust me, I do. 

Let’s face it – anything can happen on results day. I’ll be out of bed before 7:00, for once, and when I get confirmation from UCAS telling me where I've been accepted, I'm heading straight to school to pick up my results. 

If I get the grades I need, I'm going straight to Nando’s with my friends, and, god forbid, if I don't, I'm coming home and calling unis like my life depends on it! 

All in all, I hope I at least get the results I need to get into my insurance choice, and I'm praying it all goes well for me, and anyone who reads this. 



Francis Obonyo Alphonse

The night before results day is the longest. I tossed and turned all night, wishing I could turn back time. Every little ounce of sleep I got was washed away with the thought of failure, and by morning I was drenched in sweat. 

I shivered at the thought of going to school alone. I thought to myself, I should have read on that day, instead of going to a party. I should have paid attention in class. Deep in thought, I didn’t feel the cold shower. I consoled myself that at least I should be the smartest on results day. On reaching school, the notice board was crowded with students. I quickly headed to the results office. ‘Well done Francis’, said my teacher.  

My legs felt lighter as I jumped with excitement. Speechless, the results officer handed me my results. My mother sung the whole day.

/files/francis-alphonse">Francis Alphonse

Francis Alphonse

Charlotte Dyer

Two years of hard work at college is well and truly finished, with results day on the horizon for many students. I am one of the fortunate students who has already received their results, allowing me to enjoy the rest of my holidays before starting university in September.

I am a major worrier. After completing college at the beginning of June, I was constantly anxious and stressed out about my results. When I got the email from my lecturer with my grades, I’m pretty sure my brain went into meltdown – my hard work had paid off (especially seeing as I was the only one in my team who had put the effort into the final project). 

My worrying was not needed, as all the hard work paid off, and I got top marks. To celebrate, my family and I went out for a meal at Frankie & Benny’s, and I treated myself to another (well deserved) piercing.  

For me personally, I’m glad my college releases the grades online – this allows you to read them in your own time, without constantly being asked by others on how you have done, as to me, this is off-putting, and it always seems like a competition about who came out on top.

/files/charlotte-d">Charlotte D

Charlotte D

Simona Hromadová

Stress, fear, bitten nails, and nervous breakdowns – the reality of a regular high school student during exam week in Slovakia. 

I was not the exception. Those few days would decide my future. 

As I had no insurance choice, I knew I had to get AAAA, or my sweet dreams of university life would have fallen apart. Fortunately, everything turned out to be just fine, and I met the requirements. 

The celebrations were huge, both with parents and friends. In June, it was time for me – and 20 fellow classmates who had also been accepted to a UK university – to look for accommodation, flight tickets, and meet future university students and possible friends.

Right now, the happiness we felt in May after getting our results is mixed with the fear of the unknown, and the excitement of what is about to come. I can't wait to see what lies in store for us!

/files/simona-hromadova-0">Simona Hromadova

Simona Hromadova

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