A shift in application trends, provides real opportunity for proactive universities and colleges

Posted: 13 Dec 2018 - 08:50
UCAS Media End of Cycle report
This year, over half a million people from across the UK and the rest of the world were accepted into higher education through UCAS.

We’ve all seen how the practice of offer-making has changed over the years, and UCAS has been at the heart of informing the sector on that trend. But the typical student has also changed – that insight is key to helping inform our clients’ strategies going forwards.

Demand for higher education is clearly still high – even with a decline in the number of 18 year olds in the UK – and academic attainment is still a major factor in whether a student is accepted. But what has started to change is the shift from those holding A levels or BTECs, to applicants with a combination of both, or other qualifications. This year, an additional 2.6% of students had qualifications outside the standard A level, SQA, or BTEC. 

In addition, the attainment level at which a student was accepted onto a university course declined – for example, applicants with A level points equivalent to DDD had an acceptance rate of over 80% for the first time in five years. 
That’s a real shift. For many universities for which that audience was their focus, competition has just become even tougher. 

At UCAS Media, we’ve seen how understanding the academic make-up of applicants, and that of the competition, can increase the chances of a successful recruitment campaign for our clients. Universities that have taken this fresh look have had their eyes opened to not only their current applicant make-up, but also where there are currently audiences who fit their requirements, but are not being reached. It’s their chance to think differently about their marketing and offer-making strategies, at a point when it can make a real impact.

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Sander Kristel is executive director of UCAS Media.

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