Join students on their journey

Posted: 25 Sep 2018 - 15:56
Student journey with UCAS Media
Every year, students turn to UCAS to explore their higher education options. Starting their application in September, right up to accepting their university place, students are researching decisions on what they need to buy to support them at uni, where to live, and where to study.

Last year, our communications reached 175,000 students who were considering their next steps, 600,000 who were actively applying to higher education, and tens of thousands who were considering another route.

We’ve made sure each student journey is unique – our students receive content relevant to them, based on the choices they have made, and will continue to make. And crucially, we only send it when they need it. 

It’s offered our clients a unique opportunity to take part in a conversation, before students start studying. Students want to find out about the products and services that will help them – they’re then informed and prepared, and can make quick decisions when they need to. And, because it’s so relevant, we’ve seen great results – average open rates of 56%, and a 7.6% average click-through rate (up to 25% click-through rate for subject-specific activity).

To find out more, contact Luke Clarke, or request a call at a time that suits you.

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