Does email really work anymore?

Posted: 26 Oct 2018 - 10:26
Does email really work
Affordable, scalable, and with high penetration rates, email marketing takes advantage of the staggering amount of people in the world who use it as a form of communication.

Gmail alone can boast more than one billion active monthly users.

But according to some, email marketing has been circling the drain for a while. You can find arguments for and against it all over the internet. Our insight, based on evidence from our clients’ campaign results, and our annual UCAS Media student lifestyle report, established a clear verdict. 

Email marketing is not dead

A lot has changed in student taste over the past year. Instagram and Snapchat are making Facebook look cautiously over its shoulder, Sky started a comeback trail against Amazon Prime Video, and for the first time, the amount spent on music, video, and games (£7.2bn) surpassed expenditure on books, magazines, and newspapers (£7.1bn).

But one thing hasn’t changed – email is still the preferred method of communication between students and their favourite brands. 79% of students told us that when it comes to products and offers, email is the medium they’d like to be contacted by, and almost half (45%) of them are happy to be sent offers via email once a week or more. 

However, like all customers, students have their likes and dislikes when it comes to style and content. For this audience, the most important factor in influencing brand positivity is the notification of regular offers that are personalised to the individual user. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, where both bank accounts and attention spans are under increasingly more pressure in 2018.

And it’s no surprise emails need to be mobile-optimised too, because 94% of students are reading offers on their smartphones. The ‘always on’ digital mindset means that with smartphone in hand, almost half of students are reading an email as soon as the notification comes in. 

While you might think this reduces the need to schedule and time your sends, take heed of the fact that there are very clear trends in when students engage with emails. 53% of students regularly check their inboxes on waking up and 48% while commuting – so timing is everything. 

Our message is spend time thinking about your email campaigns. Get the offer right, ensure the timing of the send fits, and you’re reaching exactly the right person to see the return you need.

Engage students on their terms

Refocus your marketing

To find out more, download the UCAS Media student lifestyle report or get in touch. We’re in the perfect position to support brands that want to speak to, and support the verified student audience, with products and services that will make their next step a confident one.

For more information on any aspect of the student lifestyle report, or to find out how we can connect your brand to this important audience, please call 01242 544881, or email [email protected].

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