The call of content

Posted: 27 Jul 2017 - 15:05
The call of content
Using content to build strong connections with the student audience and co-create a brand experience.

Giving universities, colleges and brands a platform to demonstrate their relevance through well-written editorial is nothing new. But throw student-generated content, engaging videos and attention-grabbing infographics into the mix, and you have a real direction for your marketing strategy.


What was known in print media as ‘advertorial’, but is now known as ‘branded’, ‘sponsored’, or ‘native’ content continues to evolve as digital channels increase and students decide how and when to engage with your message.

But having the right content isn’t always enough. Context counts. In the same way that programmatic ads can be planned, served, and tracked, so too can content. Getting content distribution right is a vital part of any marketing strategy – delivering a personalised message to the right audience leads to higher engagement and a stronger brand connection. In fact, 57% of people feel more positive towards brands that produce content just for them (


For those wanting to reach the student market specifically, the results are even better. Whether it’s part of an early engagement strategy or acquisition work, our research demonstrates the impact of relevant, personalised content on a student audience. Some 94% of the students we asked, told us they are happy to see content written by universities, and 90% want to see content written by others studying the subjects they might choose. 52% of students want student generated content to help them make an informed decision about where they live – with the local cost of living (48%) and transport links (39%) the other influencing factors.


Early, regular and multi-channel content is key to ensuring your brand stands out – get in touch to see how UCAS Media can help.


As always, the best way of making an impact on your target audience is to give them something they’ll find valuable: a personalised story, insight, data, information, an offer. For brands to do this effectively and continually engage students, they need to focus on four things:


Content – relevant information that’s aligned to the audience’s current experience.

Context – an understanding of the audience’s lifestyle and personal experience.

Creativity – use the channels students are most familiar with, in a way that’ll have an impact.

Connections – reach the right audience, or more specifically, those who’ll be most receptive to their messages.


Early, regular and multi-channel content is key to ensuring your brand stands out - take a look at our early engagement package to see how UCAS Media can help.

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