Application stats – 15 October deadline

Posted: 24 Oct 2018 - 12:04
UCAS Media 15 October deadline stats
A record number of applications have been submitted for the 15 October deadline, which covers most 2019 entry medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science/medicine courses, as well as all courses at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

Statistics published by UCAS today, within ten calendar days of the deadline, show that 65,870 people have applied for these courses – up 7 per cent, compared to 61,440, at this point last year.

This is encouraging news for our sector – the commitment to higher education remains high. But it’s not just a numbers game. For us, the critical measure of success is always focused on ensuring those who have applied, and crucially those who are yet to apply, are choosing the courses that are right for them. 

UCAS and UCAS Media play a key part in ensuring that is the case. UCAS delivers advice, and UCAS Media creates connections – connections with organisations that inspire and support decision-making, at exactly the moment students need them.
From the moment students start their research, they trust us to give them the full picture. Because of this, and because we all know fully informed students make better decisions, we work closely with universities, colleges, and other providers that recognise aligning their recruitment with this key part of the process is the best way to get the right students for their course or programme.

We’ll continue to watch the trends in applications closely – ensuring the sector is kept informed of what’s happening and how we can help. If you need support in engaging the right students for your opportunity, please get in touch.

Sander Kristel is the Executive Director of UCAS Media, a wholly owned subsidiary of UCAS, supporting its charitable aims by generating income to reduce costs for students, universities, and colleges, as well as adding social value to the application service by helping students to make decisions that are right for them.

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