Commercial brands - How to reach the student market

Access the market early

Whether you want to engage early with consumers as they make their first independent buying decisions, align your brand more closely with the student market, or raise short-term brand awareness through an offer or incentive, UCAS Media has the full attention of those who might engage with your brand.

Our unique data underpins a number of strategic planning, operational, and marketing recruitment services. If you’d like us to keep you updated with sector and student behavioural insight, trends and products and services that could help your business, let us know.

Making it happen

Student acquisition

Precision-targeted, high-performing acquisition and recruitment activity – we use our insight on students’ behaviours to ensure your brand gets the exposure it needs for results.

  • Find out more about how display campaigns on the homepage can significantly increase your return on investment.
  • Find out more about our early accepts conversion package and how you can reach 100k students with a confirmed university place, months before your competition.
  • Find out more about our brand acquisition package and how you can convert students before your competition by reaching them the moment they accept a place at university.

Brand engagement

High impact, brand-building solutions built around students’ needs. Delivering value for both you and your audience.

  • Drive pre-Christmas sales with our Black Friday package.
  • Find out more about increasing your brand’s exposure to students and their influencers with targeted direct mail.
  • Find out more about increasing conversion with the verified student audience through targeted, early engagement.

Understanding their journey

We know which students already have a place confirmed at university, where they’re studying, and what they’re interested in. We understand their decision-making behaviour, and we’ll work with you so your message aligns with their journey. This will have more impact, give them what they need, and give you better returns.

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Your journey with us

Our team are committed to delivering results - whether through the insight we use to inform your campaign, the channels we optimise, the creative consultation we offer or the end-to-end service we provide you.

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