What Charlotte did next

Posted: 10 Oct 2017 - 09:50
What Charlotte did next
Music is Charlotte’s passion, but she didn’t know where to start and her teachers were also in the dark. So how do we ensure students like Charlotte get the information they need, when they need it?

Charlotte’s passion for music began early. Like many music students, she started training as a child and spent hours every week playing her violin. ‘I was determined to succeed in classical music,’ she says. ‘When you’re in that mindset, you don’t think about other options.’

When the time came to start planning for life after A levels, Charlotte knew exactly what she wanted to do – she’d known for years. ‘I’d tell teachers I was interested in studying music but they knew nothing about it. They’d say, ‘that sounds a bit complicated’, and send me back to the school’s music department.’

‘I didn’t get much help with my personal statement, or how to prepare for auditions, because most teachers are focused on university admissions. I ended up speaking to the conductor at my youth choir. Other than that, I just read things online. I used the UCAS website a lot.’

So, what would have helped Charlotte prepare for that next step? ‘Knowing a bit about my options with music much earlier would have been good', she says. ‘They can be intimidating, especially when you’re 14, 15, 16. I didn’t know anyone who had studied music formally either, so it was all new to me.'

UCAS' research reveals that most students start exploring their next steps at least a year before finishing school or college. In fact, 42% of students said they need relevant, personalised information to help them focus their research, well before they reach their final year in school. 

UCAS Media can help you start that conversation. Our verified student database, coupled with a unique understanding of where each student is in their research journey, makes it easy for you to reach highly targeted audiences with a message that truly resonates. Get in touch to find out how we can help, on 01242 544 881 or at [email protected].

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