What are HE graduates planning to do next?

Posted: 1 Aug 2019 - 15:34
Post HE plans
With students getting their higher education results, we asked them, what's next?

We compared how student views changed from when they started uni through to graduation. Over 93% feel that they are now equipped, ready, and able to have a more fulfilling work career as a result of their uni experience.

57% of students rate getting a job as their top priority after uni (up 12% from 2017), and with nearly 60% expecting to earn between £20k-30k, confidence is high on kick starting their careers. When asked, nearly 60% of final year students were actively looking for a graduate job from the Christmas/New Year period, which is over six months away from completing their degrees. This shows many students are aggressively pursuing the future they want early.

Download our useful infographic insight sheet, to learn about what else is important now they’ve completed their studies, and what’s motivating them in the pursuit of their first graduate jobs.

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