The UK's most in-depth student lifestyle report

Posted: 17 Feb 2020 - 10:29
For this year’s lifestyle report, we surveyed students from first year all the way to final year, to ensure we have a complete picture of their lifestyles and interests.

Three surveys were sent to students at the beginning of their first year of uni or college – one for retail, one for tech and entertainment, and one for travel and transport. In total, 8,150 first year students completed these surveys.

We also surveyed 11,146 second and third years, and 3,156 final year students – making this one of the most insightful surveys into the lifestyle of students ever completed.

It's all about the money, money money

Rather than build this into a great reveal we’ll get to the punchline right way, students spend a lot of money. They spend on shopping, socialising, holidays, eating in [or out], just about anything that allows them to part with money from Cornwall to Carlisle. Is it the power of a well-oiled marketing machine, or the fact that this group of undergraduate students are Generation Z? That they have never known a time without mobile technology? Or that being ‘just a click away’ is second nature to them?

So, are today’s students guilty of being uncontrollable impulse purchasers or thoughtful savvy shoppers? Let’s find out.

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Keep an eye out for our next report, all about brands, where we explore which companies' students love the most and why they shop in the places they do. This will be released at the end of February.

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