UCAS announces a new student accommodation search service

Posted: 5 Mar 2020 - 09:18
Accommodation search is launched
In response to their student research, UCAS Media has developed a student accommodation search service.

UCAS’ 2019 research revealed that student accommodation influenced the choice of university for 80% of students. It also highlighted that their top requirements focused on the ability to compare and understand what’s available to them, and that they required a source of trusted advice to help them make the right decisions.

It’s vital as an accommodation provider that we connect with potential applicants at the start of their journey.

It’s this insight that has underpinned the development of UCAS’ accommodation search – a source of trusted accommodation information for senior school students in year 12 researching their higher education options, for 700,000 applicants selecting their higher education choices, and for existing students who might be looking for specific support. 

Students told us we help them find their ideal course – so why not their ‘home from home’?

Sander Kristel, Executive Managing Director at UCAS Media said: ‘This service provides choice and clarity for students – who have told us they don’t understand the accommodation that is available to them – and a high-value service that will complement providers’ existing marketing strategies. We’re right at the heart of helping an applicant find their perfect course, so students have told us it makes sense to also help them find their ideal student accommodation.’

UCAS’ accommodation search will only display university and private student accommodation which has been accredited by trusted organisations. So, students can be confident in the transparency and the depth of their search results, enabling them to make informed decisions – about both the choice of university or college, and the accommodation on offer.

There is also content from existing students, and checklists to help students and their families who are experiencing a move away from home for the first time.

I need to be able to update my accommodation information quickly and link it with all marketing opportunities.

Accommodation search pages can easily be updated by accommodation providers, so important messages, such as ‘guaranteed accommodation for first years’ and up-to-date room availability can be seen by students. And, as all student enquiries go directly to the accommodation providers’ own team of experts, they can be actioned straight away, ensuring that students get the very best support.

With accommodation so high on students’ priority list, clear accommodation information is important not only to applicants, but research suggests that it’s equally important to accommodation providers, and could mean the difference between maximising course and accommodation numbers – or having to invest more funds in student recruitment. 

Find out more about UCAS accommodation search here.

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