Track tagging – the future of accommodation targeting?

Posted: 3 Jul 2019 - 15:23
Track tagging
When it comes to the competitive world of student accommodation, there are many things that matter – but ultimately it boils down to filling available spaces.

How do you ensure your accommodation portfolio has better visibility to prospective new students, especially when you’re not sure who they might be?

Enter  – Track tagging – the latest twist to enhanced display advertising on 

700,000 applicants use UCAS every year to progress to higher education. Using Track ensures an audience of almost double the number available by email. Track is the service UCAS uses to communicate with applicants about the status of their applications. Hundreds of thousands of applicants are accepted on places at uni throughout the year, not just on results day and during Clearing, so it’s crucial you don’t miss out on an opportunity to engage with them the moment they find out they have a confirmed place. 

As we’re heading into the summer, Track receives an average of three million page views a month, with applicants making decisions and accepting places from their chosen universities or colleges. If an applicant is signed in to Track, chooses London Met as their firm choice, and is then presented with an advert for your London accommodation, this is incredibly powerful. Nobody else can ensure you’re the first to get your listings in front of the right audience, at the moment it matters.

As a new product, Track tagging has shown great initial results, with average click-through rates of 0.10%, and highs at 0.30% – making sure your marketing budget is well spent.

Not only is Track tagging a fantastic tool in its own right, but coupled to an existing email or paid media campaign from UCAS Media, it could be the cherry on the cake to ensure your brand recognition cuts through during this key decision-making period – see our recent article on brand awareness. With applicants more likely to purchase from recognisable, trusted brands, they are more likely to buy from you – particularly when presented on

To discuss how Track tagging could transform your accommodation fulfilment, talk to our accommodation experts, Caroline Wearn or Ashley Stevens, or call today on 01242 544 881.

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