Student panel – summer plans

Posted: 12 Jul 2019 - 11:12
Summer plans
Want to know what students do during their summer break? Do they go on family holidays? Do they seek summer work? Do they sort out accommodation for next year? We ask our student panel these very questions...
Katrina Scotford

I recently finished my first year of uni this month and have just come back from a sustainability trip as part of The Green Program in Iceland. It was a life-changing experience and I’m planning on going back to Iceland from the end of August and early September to explore more of the uninhabited areas of the country and go backpacking.

Iceland is not the cheapest country to go travelling however, so I do have a job lined up for the two months I’m back home so I can fund a second trip. Getting a job over summer is rewarding and time-consuming which is good if you’re like me and enjoy keeping busy. Long summer days of relaxing are needed after an intense year of uni, but it’s good to work, meet people, and know you can travel using the money you have worked hard to earn.

I personally prefer travelling alone because I’m used to my own company and can decide when and where I want to go, but most people I know travel with their family or friends. Iceland is ideal for camping and backpacking, so I’m looking forward to getting around more of the country and am motivated to work hard this summer so I can realistically check off everything I’d like to do!

Besides working, I’m excited to be home for the first time in eight months and see my family and animals. Home is a feeling and a place that can’t be replaced, so that comfort of being home is something I’m really looking forward to.

Before I can do all these things though, I have to move into my flat for this next academic year. My other four flatmates have already gone home for the summer, so I have to move my things in addition to theirs. I’m not looking forward to packing and unpacking as it’s always a bit nostalgic and a hassle, but the end result will be a relief to have everything done. I’m quite looking forward to living out next year because in Durham the collegiate system usually requires you to live in college for the first year. Second year you can move out and cook and otherwise fend for yourself.

College food can get repetitive so fresh meals and an increased sense of independence are definitely new changes I’m excited about.

If you have to move out of accommodation as well I would highly recommend using storage facility companies or even asking the uni if they have partnerships or storage spaces of their own to make the process as streamlined as possible.

I hope you have a wonderful summer as well, full of new adventures and memories with family and friends. If you’re coming to university this fall, I wish you the best experience and good luck!

/files/katrina-scotford-0">Katrina Scotford

Katrina Scotford

Simona Hromadová

Summer - six letter that spark joy in every student.  It is a promise of free time, sun and fun with the friends.

For me, I am spending first half of my well-deserved time off here in Glasgow – with my uni friends and working at the job I found during the semester. The second half is reserved for Slovakia, holiday with my family and travelling around Europe. 

Fortunately, I am one of the few lucky ones who do not have to spend whole August flat hunting, as I am staying in the same flat I was living at during 1st year.

I do hope Scotland would grant me a few sunny days so I can wear those skirts I brought with me in September (such an optimist) and I will manage to do everything I have planned. 

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Simona Hromadová


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