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Posted: 8 Oct 2018 - 10:52
Open day
In a UCAS survey, 85% of applicants said that visiting an open day helped them decide where to apply. Open days are highly influential when it comes to university decision-making and we recently got the thoughts of our student panel on their open day experiences.

Sasha Macpherson

I had booked just one open day to visit, and at the time I was completely unsure as to whether or not I would be attending university. I knew the open day would be the decider, specifically whether or not I liked the lecturers. Since I'm a mature student, it was a big risk returning to university and I was extremely apprehensive of the moment. But upon arrival, the university was very welcoming, and about five minutes into the explanation of my course by my now lecturers, I was certain I would do everything I could to attain a place. The course was exactly what I'd hoped it to be, and the lecturers surpassed my wildest dreams. I'm pleased to say I have had my first few lectures, seminars, and workshops with them, and it's the best time of my life studying for my future.


Charlotte Dyer

Two years ago, I was in my first year of college looking at where I wanted to study for my higher education. This is where I started to look at what courses universities had to offer, and started to book some open days where possible. I ended up going to three university open days. When going to these open days I was looking out for two main things, one being the media production facilities that they had, and the second being the passion and enthusiasm from the lecturers and the current students on that course. These were the things that stood out for me. During all the open days we had the opportunity to see around the campus on our own, or have a guided tour from the student ambassadors. We were also able to see all the accommodations they had to offer. To get to the universities, we drove to the events and I had my family come with me to see them, as this was going to be a new experience with me being the first person of my family to go to university.  There were no university open days I didn’t attend, as the ones I went to were the only ones I was looking at applying to.

Charlotte D


Sara Rifat

Living abroad made attending open days complicated for me. I was only allowed to choose one to go to, and I chose the one my dream university had just put the dates up for. The event took the whole day – from slideshow presentations talking about the course and the university, to the chance of talking to current students and seeing how they felt in such a prestigious university. They presented us with thousands of photos of the available presentation and things to do around the campus – it all seemed perfect.

But, for some reason it didn’t feel like the place for me to be. Having created this crazy and colourful image of the place in my head, I was quite devastated when noticing it was busy, grey, and dull. My first option quickly became my last, and I would probably be starting my career there if it wasn’t for that open day.

I was not able to attend any more open days. When attending an interview in a city I hadn’t even heard of before, I quickly noticed it worked the same way as an open day. We were shown the campus and talked to current students. I had fallen in love with Leeds and that university, and that interview is what made me decide where I wanted to study. I’m starting the course next week, and can firmly say my life would be drastically different if it had not been for that open day – attending was the best decision I could have made!

/files/sara-rifat">Sara Rifat

Sara Rifat


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