New for 2021 - Clearing: the insight series

Posted: 3 Feb 2021 - 15:41
Clearing 2020
We know how challenging it is to plan for Clearing this year, so we’ve created a series of expert webinars to help you with your recruitment strategies.

Take a closer look at the data and insight from 2020, get tips and advice on student communication trends and impactful messaging, and hear how 2021 applicants and registrants are really feeling about their options.



9 February – The mind changers and game changers of 2020

Sarah Barr Miller, Head of Insight & Consulting, UCAS and recruitment experts at universities 

Sarah and representatives from University of East Anglia and Swansea University will take a deep dive into the Clearing 2020 survey, highlighting the areas to focus on in preparation for 2021. In this session you’ll see:

  • Which channels influenced Clearing students’ decisions and the missed opportunities to attract mind-changers
  • What worked well in 2020, and what universities are planning for Clearing 2021
  • Practical tips and advice for getting ready early in the cycle



16 February – 7 big things to give you the edge at Clearing

Jim Tudor, trends consultancy Future Index


Jim has worked with his company's panel of 16 and 17 year olds to identify 7 key communication trends to share with you. In this session you’ll see:

  • How institutions globally are responding to new expectations, with examples from youth brands who influence and represent their audiences
  • Provocative and challenging stimuli – expect up to 35 examples delivered in a fast-paced visual format
  • An interactive element to gauge shared inspiration and a follow-up interactive worksheet with links and recommendations to help really give you the edge.



23 February Harnessing emotional relevance to create impactful recruitment ROI

Simon Moore, Chartered Psychologist and ex-admissions and external examiner


Neuroscience has demonstrated that facts and figures, while important, only appeal to no more than 20% of our target audience's attention. 80% of the human brain is motivated to respond to emotional meaning, relevance and need fulfilment. In this session, Simon will explore:

  • Re-evaluating your messaging – instead of marketing facts and strengths, think about the relevancy of that information in terms of the emotional needs of their audiences.
  • The psychology of nonconscious needs (control, social inclusion, ego enhancement and opportunity etc)
  • How we can ensure we appeal to these factors when helping the decisions of students and their influencers. 

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9 March – the 2021 student mindset: what’s their outlook?

Rebecca Hopwood, UCAS and Josephine Hansom, YouthSight


We’re surveying applicants and registrants just after the 29 January deadline to get the latest insight into their thinking. Find out:

  • How confident and committed applicants are about their choices
  • What scenarios could knock them offcourse
  • What registrants need from you to encourage them to apply

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