More students are considering postgraduate study

Posted: 8 Jun 2020 - 12:54
Postgraduate recruitment news
As a result of coronavirus, we know that students, and those already in employment, are now more likely to consider studying a postgraduate course. We're here to help you engage those who are actively researching postgraduate study.


27% of current final year students are considering postgraduate study

At UCAS, we help 2.4 million students every year and we have the largest, verified student database in the UK.

Our knowlege and expertise can ensure your marketing campaign precisely targets those students that we know are considering a postgraduate degree.

We can target our highly engageed audience, using the channels we know work best, to help you increase your conversions.

  • Send your message directly to all current final year students, as well as those who have told us they are interested in postgraduate study.
  • Build brand awareness on – the trusted source of information and advice for students.
  • Extend your reach, by enhancing your digital campaigns with paid media.

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