New UCAS Media student lifestyle report published

Posted: 14 May 2018 - 14:21
UCAS Media Lifestyle report
Our lifestyle report offers a detailed insight into the way that students are thinking. With over 11,000 responses, the UCAS Media Lifestyle Report is the most comprehensive report available, covering upward and downward trends, as well as specific insight into research and spend on transport, technology, finance and travel.

"I’m delighted to introduce UCAS Media’s student lifestyle report for 2018 – a single snapshot of students’ views on everything from buying tech, to booking travel, and the influences of parents and others on key product and service purchase decisions.

UCAS Media recognises the importance of understanding the whole student, and what it means to them to start university or college. For any brand wanting to engage with a new student, being able to align to their decision-making process during what is often a significant period of change in their lives, is what defines success and delivers results.

To get advice on how to refocus your marketing strategy and reach our unique audience, get in touch with one of our team. Download the lifestyle report here."

Sander Kristel
Executive Director – UCAS Media

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