Spot the difference? Insight-driven design improves customer experience on

Posted: 4 Jun 2018 - 15:36
With over nine million monthly page views, is at the heart of applying to university and college for hundreds and thousands of students each year.

Today, we’ve launched a new site design for, with improved navigation, and more valuable advice and information – a move that makes it even easier for students to find what they need. 

Students have been right at the heart of that design, getting actively involved in focus groups and user feedback. We’re confident its’s right for them – and because of that, will mean even better results for our advertisers.
These changes mean improved viewability (80% in view rate on desktop) and qualified audience targeting – with clearly defined sections within the site for each phase of a student’s journey with us.

So, whether you need to reach students in a particular part of the country with your open day message, or you have a product aimed specifically at students and want to ensure every penny of your budget is focused on that reach – we can help. 
Placements across the site are available for your targeted communications, and digital display across our network can be bought either programmatically or directly from our team of experts.

Get in touch with our expert client partners on 01242 544881 or email [email protected].

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