Five ways to improve your apprenticeship recruitment

Posted: 31 Jan 2020 - 14:27
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To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2020, we've put together five fantastic ways your organisation can build awareness, advertise and recruit the very best UK apprentice applicants.

1. Early engagement

If you’re looking for the next great apprentice, the good news is that young people are looking for a wider range of higher education options than ever before. 

Apprenticeship searches up 52% in 2019 experienced huge growth in traffic to our apprenticeship information pages, up by 52% on the previous year. There were 2.1 million page views – which confirms this is a huge area of growth and interest for young people. Given that UCAS’ core audience is students in Years 12 and 13 (16 – 18 year olds), ensuring early engagement, brand awareness, and access to apprenticeship information is key if you want to recruit the best talent from across the UK. 

2. Get face-to-face

With students becoming increasingly interested in apprenticeships, there’s nothing more valuable than meeting them face-to-face when they’re making key decisions. UCAS Media offers employers the opportunity to get in front of over 166,000 16 –18 year olds, at one of over 50 UCAS exhibitions each year.

One of the biggest areas of feedback from students is that they want to meet more employers. They want to learn about businesses and organisations they’ve not encountered before, and open their eyes to the possibilities of apprenticeships, which may well suit their needs better than the traditional routes to higher education. 

47% of our event attendees are considering an apprenticeship at this critical stage, and one in eight applicants to undergraduate courses also apply for an apprenticeship. Having the opportunity to introduce your brand and explain your apprenticeship offerings is invaluable to recruiting the very best candidates.

For more information on joining an event,

View our apprenticeship events package

3. Timing is everything

It’s National Apprenticeship Week 2020 – the perfect time to tell candidates about your offerings. During this time last year, we received 4,400 apprenticeship applications! That’s nearly one application every 30 seconds during business hours.

National Apprenticeship Week produces one application every 30 seconds!

Our apprenticeship search tool – Career Finder – enables employers to advertise their roles, with huge engagement. With 1.2 million page views per year, now is the time to upload your listings.

View Career Finder

4. Influencer effect

Influencers, particularly parents and teachers, have an enormous impact on a student’s post-18 decision-making. Students put a huge amount of trust in these influencers, and they’re the first people they turn to when making life-changing decisions about their higher education.

We know that 59% of all applicants ask their family for advice!

We have direct routes to parents and advisers, using multiple marketing channels. Partnering with a highly trust brand like UCAS can add real value to the performance of your student recruitment campaigns.

5. UCAS’ Career Finder

The UCAS apprenticeship, intern, and graduate search tool, Career Finder, is an established service in the employer market. Listings are available for free, but there are plenty of premium advertisement options to make your business stand out. With a refresh to its functionality and look last year, traffic has grown to an average of 98,000 page views per month, with a staggering 20% of viewers clicking to apply for a role.

20% of job views result in an application

With 16,000 monthly applications, there’s no better way to engage with candidates. During National Apprenticeship Week, we’re helping to promote your profile, with special deals on our premium job listings and direct email campaigns. Contact a member of the team now for more information, at [email protected].   

Interested in finding out more about our career services? Call 01242 544 881, or email us at [email protected].

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