This year, like every year, it all starts with ‘Apply’

Posted: 7 Sep 2018 - 13:34
Apply opens
Apply 2019 is now open.

For thousands of prospective students, it’s the start of the next step in their lives. And it’s then they turn to UCAS; where our focus is on connecting them to all their options, ensuring that every decision they make is an informed one. 

With millions of course searches every year and around 700k applicants, there’s no denying that university is still a key ambition for many. But it’s not just a YES/NO to university any more, it’s a WHAT IF to apprenticeships, placements, gap years, exchange programmes, degrees and work experience.

And that’s where we, at UCAS Media, come in.

We ensure our partnerships with universities and employers, gap year providers and commercial brands across the country and the world expand horizons. The students who choose to receive these additional paid for ideas, inspiration and student focused deals have the full picture – right from the start. 

These relationships support UCAS, the Charity financially – but more importantly, they equip young people with the knowledge that allows them to make the right choice about their future, highlighting opportunities both familiar and unexpected.

Sander Kristel is the Executive Director of UCAS Media, a wholly owned subsidiary of UCAS, supporting its charitable aims by generating income to reduce costs for students, universities, and colleges; as well as adding social value to the application service by helping students to make decisions that are right for them.

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