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Posted: 13 Dec 2018 - 10:25
Katrina Scotford
Our student panel share their career aspirations, and what they hope to achieve after their studies.

Katie Scotford

Studying: A joint honours course in Philiosophy and Politics

Studying a joint honours course at university in philosophy and politics is often met with some concern from those I tell, with their worry stemming from the idea that I am studying half of my degree in philosophy. ‘What could you possibly do with a degree in philosophy?’ they ask. I usually reply by explaining that, while there is no straightforward career path in philosophy, it is a broad and wide-ranging degree in the sense that it prepares you for any career that requires communication, logical and critical thinking, and an open mind; all of which are characteristics that any employer would find advantageous. Continue reading.

Collette Dunn

Studying: Birth and beyond degree

I trained as a nurse following school, and then spent many years nursing and managing residential homes for adults with learning disabilities. The birth of my first child prompted me to seek ‘baby friendly’ career options, and I started a community magazine, became a part-time content writer, and worked as a teaching assistant at my son’s school, all of which could be worked part-time and flexibly. Now that my youngest children (twins) are seven, I have a desire to create a career around childbirth. I considered midwifery, but then came across the birth and beyond degree, supported by the National Childbirth Trust (NCT). Continue reading.

/files/collette-dunn">Collette Dunn

Collette Dunn

Andrew Richards

Studying: A Higher National Diploma

At the moment, I am hoping to work towards employment in graphic design by studying an HND qualification. I became interested in graphic design after touching on it while studying a foundation degree nearly 20 years go. The decision to study it again was brought on by a recent move I made, to support my partner in her new job in Birmingham. Doing this has meant I had to leave my old career, friends, and family, plus I have lost my financial security. Continue reading.

/files/andrew-richards">Andrew Richards

Andrew Richards

Charlotte Dyer

Studying: Media Production

My career aspiration is to one day present and produce a radio show at one of the leading radio broadcasters. I arrived at this aspiration from actually touring around BBC Newcastle, with my sight set on being a producer for TV programmes. But I ended up falling in love with the radio aspect of the BBC. This is what originally inspired me into this career path, and when looking further into it, I realised there was so much that can be done within this sector of the media industry. Continue reading.

/files/charlotte-d">Charlotte D

Charlotte D



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