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Posted: 13 Sep 2017 - 11:05
UCAS and Campus
UCAS Media and Campus Society set to connect UK students together

Collaboration will enable prospective students to take advantage of the platform’s wealth of content and meet like-minded students before enrolling at university.

UCAS Media, the commercial subsidiary of UCAS, and Campus Society, the UK-based global university network, today announce the launch of a new collaboration. Starting this summer, it allows students
applying to university for 2017 entry to sign up as registered users of Campus Society’s online platform, which provides benefits for learners in how they connect and collaborate on shared topics
and interests.

In conjunction with UCAS Media, the collaboration aims to encourage new students to become registered Campus Society users – allowing them to take advantage of the wealth of content on the
site, and connect with like-minded students with similar interests from the UK and around the world.

The agreement brings together two recognisable names from the UK higher education sector; one with long established roots, the other with an impressive record of recent growth.

The Campus Society platform instantly connects students, studying any degree, anywhere in the world, to allow collaboration – whether in small groups or massive communities. It also includes sixth
formers choosing higher education and alumni, providing an ever-expanding pool of communal knowledge to learn from.

Two dedicated Campus Society employees will be set up in-house at UCAS HQ, to create branded and tailored email campaigns, designed to encourage new students to become registered Campus Society
users. This will allow students to engage with their future classmates even before they arrive at university and participate in real time, peer to peer discussions with current students at any university,

UCAS Media will also work with Campus Society to target all current university students providing benefits throughout the learner journey, from pre-applicants right through to graduates and alumni.

“Campus Society is the world’s first platform designed to globalise knowledge from the 225m student population”, comments Rashid Ajami, CEO of Campus Society. “In order to appeal to as many students
as possible, UCAS Media provides a bespoke approach to its marketing that allows us to bring our goal of building one network, on which all the world’s students can connect, one step closer.”

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