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Media agencies

We need to build student awareness of, and engagement with, our client's brand.

Use our insight in decision-making to plan marketing solutions that meet your client's objectives..

Drive acquisition

Whether you want to drive acquisition activity to fill last minute places on your client's courses, identify future talent, or simply build brand awareness in a complex market, UCAS Media has the full attention of the audience you need.

From simple email campaigns, direct mail, and display advertising, to the complete packages below, our data underpins a number of strategic planning, operational and marketing recruitment services. If you’d like us to keep you updated with sector and student behavioural insight, trends and products and services that could help your business, let us know

Making it happen

Student acquisition

Bespoke, informed consultation built on precision-targeted, high-performing acquisition and recruitment activity. We make it easy to advise your clients on activity that will get them the exposure they need for results.

Understanding their journey

Whatever the outcome your client needs, their message needs to be aligned to the students’ journey. You’ll get more impact and better returns for your client. Our team of experts is on hand to advise exactly what will work for your client’s brand and message.

Your journey with us

Our team are committed to delivering results - whether through the insight we use to inform your campaign, the channels we optimise, the creative consultation we offer or the end-to-end service we provide you.

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