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Effective marketing is all about getting your message to those who are most likely to act on it – those who it’s most relevant to. We can identify those people for you and help you connect with them through a wide range of highly effective channels.

Our sales team is split into four specialist teams:

Commercial – working with brands wishing to target a youth audience at a moment when they are starting to make independent purchasing decisions. View the Commercial media pack

Education – working with education providers to support them with their profile building and student recruitment strategies. View the Education media pack

Careers team – working with employers to help them plan and execute tightly targeted early careers and graduate engagement campaigns. View the Careers page for more info

Events team – our 50 student exhibitions and numerous conferences across the UK each year, attended by over 275,000 16-17 year olds, create a unique opportunity for face-to-face engagement and brand-to-hand interaction. Learn more about the oportunities available at UCAS Events. 

Online, we offer numerous targeted digital advertising opportunities across - digital display, native ads and sponsored content slots are available.



There’s a growing appetite for searchable, on-demand video content across the web. It’s everywhere: embedded in social media posts, on company websites, and available as premium content on entertainment sites. Video is at the core of online media consumption among 16-24 year olds. By understanding user behaviour and leveraging the trusted UCAS brand, we’ll give your content maximum exposure to this highly targeted and relevant audience.

Learn more about the UCAS video wall.


Our personal communications channels provide similar scope – from bespoke email ads in our youth-focused UCAS newsletters to your own email campaigns: your creative combined with our data – specifically targeting the audiences you want to reach.

At certain times of year we also provide sponsored tweet slots via the @ucas_online Twitter account. And for relevant clients, text messages to your preferred audience are possible.

Offline, we offer a direct mail service targeting those heading to uni and our popular UCAS conventions are a great way to meet those you want to reach – face-to-face.


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