Working with us as your student marketing agency

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With ten years’ experience partnering with clients to deliver successful campaigns, our tried and tested client journey has been built to give your marketing the best possible ROI.

Making it happen

Creative consultation

Results from the right targeting can be greatly amplified with the right creative. Our team uses its years of experience to help you ensure your campaign gets attention and generates action. Changes to subject line, visual layout, and campaign message can have a dramatic impact on your results. We’ll work with you to help your creative deliver results. Our creative tips can help you to maximise your campaign. 

Timing optimisation

The moment at which your campaign is enabled can directly influence the success you see. Our team understands the trends in engagement for this audience and how to get the most out of our marketing channels. We’ll provide ongoing consultative guidance to optimise your activity and deliver your desired outcomes.

Audience segmentation

Reaching over 2.4 million prospective and current students every year, we hold the largest and only verified student database in the UK. Our deep understanding of where students are in their decision-making, the touchpoints they are already engaged with, and the destinations they are considering gives you countless demographic, geographic, and behaviour-based segmentation opportunities. We're a student marketing agency with a unique advantage.

UCAS Media Limited is wholly owned by the charity The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). UCAS Media Limited financially supports UCAS, its parent, usually by Gift Aiding its annual profits to it.


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