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Sector support

Below are a number of ways we're supporting the sector with its attraction and recruitment activity during this challenging time. If you’d like to discuss any of these further, or have any questions please get in touch with your account manager.

An applicant's view

For regular insight on how applicants are feeling, join us, and our partners, YouthSight, for our series of free webinars. If there is a theme you’d particularly like to explore, please tell us about it.

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      Increase your recruitment reach

      The peer-to-peer network gets your existing students in front of those looking for courses or unis, meaning you can keep connecting with prospective students. Unibuddy will support your onboarding and launch – so within days, you’ll be up and running.

      If you'd like more information on how Unibuddy on ucas.com can help you, please get in touch. You can contact your UCAS Media account manager or Unibuddy directly at [email protected] or call 020 7886 7674.

      Promotion of your virtual events

      If you’ve moved from open days to a virtual offering, then don’t forget to update your event information. We’ll then promote the events you’re running across our networks free of charge. 
      To update your information, access the open day information through the provider pages, then either amend existing events, or add new ones. You’ll notice there is now an additional option under ‘schemes’ for virtual events – please ensure this is ticked where relevant. 

      For more information on how to do this, please click here.

      We’re also delighted to be launching a series of pages on ucas.com where your university is the star of the show. These pages contain information you’ve already supplied to us through the search tool, or events search, but all brought together in one place.

      At the top of your provider page will be the opportunity for you to link through to a page on your own website. This could contain content that is particularly important at this moment in time, or could be your home page. It’s up to you. You’ll be able to update this through the provider pages from Wednesday 1 April onwards. Instructions on how to do this, will be available on that date.

      Benefit from UCAS’ social feeds

      If you’re planning a live social event, for example Facebook Live, let us know and we’ll promote it for you, and then, where possible, share it while it’s streaming live. 

      Please tell us about it.

      NEW – Accommodation search

      If you'd like to find out more about accommodation search and how it can help you increase your marketing reach, get in touch. Free listings for universities and colleges until the end of December, will give your current activity to existing applicants a real boost, and of course, you’ll also be reaching those who are still considering where to apply. The site is launching this September in line with pay and send for 2021 applicants - meaning it's perfectly aligned to their journey to HE.

      Tell me more!

      Understand applicant behaviours

      Our new data pack, built on live 2020 recruitment data, contains three outputs split by home, EU and overseas and is available to purchase today. Designed to answer questions you might have about the current cycle, as well as give weekly trends, it’s packed with the statistics and variables you need to make informed decisions.

      Please get in touch with the UCAS Media insight team to find out more.

      Use this alongside your weekly application and decision tracker data, and Competitor Analysis and Student Decisions Reports (available soon) to build a rounded picture of where you stand against your competitors and the sector as a whole.