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Student reviews and feedback are increasingly important in the decision-making process, so let your best advocates promote your university or college for you, on ucas.com.


We partner with Unibuddy to connect prospective students with current students via online chat – they can ask questions of their peers, learn about their experiences, and build a relationship with them and your university/college at key stages of the student journey. It’s especially useful for international students and those unable to attend physical on-campus events.    





We promote Unibuddy as part of the student journey to our 800k+ pre-applicants and applicants

It’s the perfect extension to your marketing recruitment strategy, allowing you to reach even more applicants directly, and those who might not have previously considered you. All at the exact moment they are fully engaged with their research. You’ll then be able to continue the conversation to the point of conversion.

With a one year tenancy you’ll receive:

  • Access for unlimited undergraduate ambassadors, covering all subject areas. You’ll manage their schedule, so you keep full control of your uni’s activity.
  • Full dashboard reporting on who is talking to who, and where they are from, so you can manage resources and focus where more support is needed.
  • Two reports during the cycle that show who has applied, and the numbers who have enrolled – including students from a WP background, giving you direct reporting on the return on your investment.
  • Your own trigger-based, fully customisable email sent to every student prospect. Your message will land just as their conversation is closing, meaning you get greater impact and improving your conversion prospects.
  • Full support from the Unibuddy tech team, ensuring you remain online and in conversation.


30m users, from over 200 countries and territories, use ucas.com and access to Unibuddy's service

With Unibuddy on ucas.com, you’ll benefit from a greater reach than ever before, and full promotion of the service across ucas.com and all of our marketing channels. We know when students are researching, and when they’ll be making decisions – Unibuddy on ucas.com will be at the heart of the information we provide them.


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Find out more

Speak to one of our team on 01242 544 881, or email [email protected].

Please note: you do not need to have Unibuddy on your provider website to use Unibuddy on ucas.com.

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