Travel - Lifestyle Report 2020

The great getaway

Everyone loves a good getaway – time to relax and re-energise, or an opportunity for a new adventure. Students are no exception to this, and nearly three quarters of them planned to take a holiday during the next year.

Although this year’s plans are grounded for the time being, with global travel restrictions in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak, this report provides insight into students’ typical routines. This trusted information is crucial to help support your short and long-term planning.

We know students spend 50% of their outgoings on food. This £4,000+ spend, plus over £2,000 on pre-uni items such as new tech and homeware, begs the question, can they afford to take a sunny break? Well, it seems the draw of (almost) guaranteed sun is enough for students to spend over £800 each. That’s a whopping £1bn market.

We also explore movements a little closer to home (bathroom puns to one side!) – we cover how popular public transport is, especially when walking is an option, and how often students travel home to see loved ones. This report will help shine a light on this group as consumers, help you better understand their travel habits, and offer guidance on how you can harness their spending power.

Travel and transport

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