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We believe insight, in an uncertain world, remains the foundation on which to make decisions. Whilst processes and behaviours may change short term because of our current situation, making plans based on evidence still remains key.

The beginning of uni life is a strange thing. For many it’s their first foray into the wider world of self-reliance, and for others it’s an opportunity to hone their independence. One thing’s for certain – it’s new for all.

And new is what it’s all about for almost 50% of students. Even though Gen Z students have become used to having access to computers (with 88% having them at home), they also have the use of tablets and phones to do homework, binge on the latest boxset, or catch up with friends. The advent of a new life, often away from parents and family, ushers them to crave for new tech, and they respond in their droves.

The tech market for new students is a huge boost for business, with a total spend of over £240m in a routine buying cycle ensures year in, year out sales. But what do students want most? The latest brand, battery life, features? Or is it as simple as getting the best financial deal? Our tech report uncovers what drives their decisions, when they make them, and crucially when they make their purchases.

Tech purchases are not all laptops and phones, we also put the numbers on wearable tech and more obscure purchases, such as VR headsets and 3D printers. As ever, we aim to bring you some fantastic insight into this student cohort, with plenty of interesting stats and facts to help brands better understand this group as consumers.

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