Student Lifestyle Report 2019

Summary Report

In a continuation of the popular lifestyle report published in January 2019, this second edition is now available in two parts. Available to download here is the summary report, which gives an overview of the latest lifestyle trends from the student population. With this understanding you can strengthen your marketing campaigns and attract more students. Unlock your share of the market and maximise your returns in this competitive space. 

In 2018, we surveyed over 5,300 first year students about their lifestyles, giving us unique insight into how they prepare for university. We have now extended our research beyond first year students to understand how spending patterns, favourite brands, tech usage, and financial reliance on parents changes throughout university. We surveyed over 11,000 students in second year and above to capture the entire student journey.

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The full report

Interested in unlocking all the secrets to student lifestyle?
The full report covers the whole university experience, looking at spending patterns, brands, tech usage, food choices, and how students prepare for moving into new accommodation
in second year onwards. The report also compares how trends differ between year of study, uni location, domicile, and gender. 

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