Spend - Lifestyle Report 2020

It's all about the money, money, money...

This first chapter in the UCAS Media 2020 student lifestyle report series, delves into the world of how much cash students are willing to splash in the run-up to uni, the big freshers’ week blow-out, and settling down into typical routines. Our report aims to help retailers better understand this group as consumers, offer guidance on how to harness their spending power, and deliver some revealing facts along the way!

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The most in-depth student lifestyle report in the UK

For this year's lifestyle report, we surveyed students from first year all the way to final year, to ensure we have a complete picture of their lifestyles and interests, in total over 22,000 students we're surveyed, making this the most in-depth student lifestyle report in the UK.

Rather than build this into a great reveal we’ll get to the punchline right way, students spend a lot of money. They spend on shopping, socialising, holidays, eating in (or out), just about anything that allows them to part with money from Cornwall to Carlisle. Is it the power of a well-oiled marketing machine or the fact that this group of undergraduate students are Generation Z, they have never known a time without mobile technology, and is being just a click away is just second nature? 

So, are today’s students guilty of being uncontrollable impulse purchasers or thoughtful savvy shoppers? Let’s find out.

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