Schools data pack

Thinking differently about the schools you reach with your marketing and outreach programmes could revolutionise your strategic recruitment planning. 

The schools data pack, which is part of the EXACT data service, allows you to analyse data on UCAS Apply centres – so you gain a far deeper understanding of exactly where your opportunities are. The potential uses are significant.

  • Which schools are achieving the results that match your qualification criteria, but are currently not a part of your outreach programme?
  • Which have students with the right results, but who are not applying?
  • Which schools and colleges have students who are less likely to apply to the region where you are based – meaning you’ll know your message is reaching a new market.

You’ll receive a set of pre-prepared reports, based on all Apply centres. Each report is supplied as a CSV file, so you can interrogate the data and find answers to any questions you might have.

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