Managing a successful apprenticeship programme


Join us on Thursday 23 September 2021 for the MANAGING A SUCCESSFUL APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAMME online event, with experts from Lloyds Banking Group, Association of Apprentices and Workplus. 

Apprenticeships have changed. So whether you count yourself as an apprenticeship expert or beginner whose never employed an apprentice before, there is much to consider. To help you make the best of the opportunity’s apprenticeships offer, we will be sharing top tips, insights, and advice to help you to manage a successful apprenticeship programme


Join our webinar to learn:

  • What successful apprenticeship employers have learned and their tips to the top
  • Insight into what matters the most for apprentices
  • How employer collaboration could help and support your organisation


Speakers include:

  • Kimberley Dee, Colleague Leadership & Development at Lloyds Banking Group
  • Emily Austin, Association of Apprentices
  • Richard Kirk, CEO & Founder of Workplus



Date: Thursday 23 September

Time: 9.30am to 11.30am



9.30am – Welcomes and introductions

9.45am – Emily Austin – Apprenticeships, what matters most
In managing a successful apprenticeship programme, we consider the value of peer-to-peer learning and belonging to a community, and how this supports engagement and retention on programme.  The Association of Apprentices has surveyed over 1700 apprentices, and with feedback from its existing members, provides insight into what matters the most for apprentices.
Join us to hear about the feedback, and advice on how you could use this to enhance experiences for your apprentices.

10.05am – Richard Kirk - How employer collaboration has helped change the apprenticeship culture
In this session, Richard will be looking at how employer collaboration has helped change the apprenticeship culture in Northern Ireland and what your organisation could learn from this. 
Firstly the culture within the employer organisations: as they change their entry-level talent streams to embrace apprenticeships. Secondly, the culture in wider society: as employers promote their opportunities in campaigns making it much easier for people to find the right apprenticeship.

10.20am - UCAS Media - Insight and policy update

10.30am – BREAK

10.55am – Kimberley Dee -  Q&A

11.10am – Group panel session with Q&A

11.30am – Event to close.