Frequently asked questions 2020


What changes have been made for the 2020 exhibitions?

  • North Wales will take place on Tuesday 30 June at Eirias Park, replacing North East Wales and North West Wales.
  • South London is back after taking a break in 2019. It will take place on Thursday 4 June at St Mary’s University. 
  • Lancashire will not be taking place in 2020.
  • Norfolk – venue is to be confirmed. 

We have some new add-on opportunities to help raise your profile to the visitors. The below are available per event, at shell scheme exhibitions: 

  • Sponsored content opportunities are now available on totem screens. A floor plan, exhibitor list, and course search will be displayed on an interactive totem. Book a content slot for a specific subject area – when students search for related courses on the totem, your content will be displayed. Content should focus on what it’s like to study that particular subject at your establishment.
  • Enhanced listings will now also be included on the totem screens positioned around the exhibition. 


How can I enhance my stand stand presence

  • There are marketing packages available which will help drive footfall to your stand, to enable face-to-face engagement with applicants and advisers, and help you build on these connections to continue conversations after the event. For full information, please see the marketing opportunities rate card (coming soon),  or contact your event partner.

Shell scheme exhibitions – additional furniture and graphics

Tables and chairs will still incur a charge at the shell scheme exhibition – they can be ordered as required through your ENet account for a nominal delivery charge per event of £10 per table, or £5 per chair. However, we encourage you to look at the additional furniture form for more attractive and engaging items. 

View a full list of optional furniture, which can be added through your ENet account.


What size are the stands?

This depends on the exhibition category.

Shell scheme stand size options:

  • Single stand: 3m(w) x 2m(d) x 2.44m(h)*.
  • Double stand: 6m(w) x 2m(d) (standard size), or 4m(w) x 3m(d) (limited capacity)*.
  • Space-only – you can hire a floor space from UCAS and build a stand of your own design, subject to approval from UCAS. Space-only stands are sold per square metre, and must be sized in agreement with UCAS.
  • If you have specific stand requirements, please inform us no later than December 2019.

Nameboard dimensions – 2900mm(h) x 500mm(w).

*Please note: If you are creating graphics for the shell scheme walls, the back wall dimensions may be slightly less than the stand size, due to side wall panel thickness.

Typically, a stand in a block with another stand each side will lose 50mm from the back wall width, while a corner stand will lose 25mm – side walls do not lose anything.

Formula Exhibitions offer a graphics printing service, and also offer the opportunity to print your own branded name board. Please see the graphics order form for details.

Campus stand size

Due to space restrictions, exhibitors can only book a single stand initially. Double stands may be available later in the year, once most exhibitors have booked. UCAS will inform exhibitors of any availability, and sell double stands on a first come, first served basis.

  • Single stand: 2m(w) x 1m(d).  Your stand must fit within 2m x 1m. Occasionally, if space permits, you may be given 2m x 2m, but you must plan for 2m x 1m due to restricted space in some campus venues.
  • Double stand: 4m(w) x 1m(d) or 2m(w) x 2m(d).
  • Triple stand: 6m(w) x 1m(d).


What is the difference between the exhibition types?

UCAS higher education exhibitions are grouped into two categories – shell scheme, and campus. The events vary by size, location, type of venue, and the number of students attending. All exhibitions are held in association with HELOA (Higher Education Liaison Officers Association).

Shell scheme 

Shell scheme exhibitions are organised and funded entirely by UCAS, and are mostly held in large commercial exhibition venues, typically located in highly populated areas. These exhibitions typically receive between 1,800 – 14,000 visitors, and up to 250 exhibitors.

Premium shell scheme events are Manchester, London ExCeL and Birmingham. These are our largest events.


Campus exhibitions are sponsored by UCAS. Venues are varied, ranging from university campuses and marquees, to small commercial venues. These exhibitions receive between 300 – 12,000 visitors, and up to 180 exhibitors.


What does the cost of my stand include?

This depends on the exhibition category:

Shell scheme

All stands at shell scheme exhibitions are built using a shell scheme structure, which is equipped with:

  • a standard nameboard - 2900mm(h) x 500mm(w)
  • grey carpet
  • a light (only where the normal venue lighting is deemed insufficient)
  • either two or three walls, depending on the location of the stand in the aisle
  • a basic listing on the event page on
  • a basic listing on exhibitor list on totem screen and event guide at the event

Electrics are not included, and must be booked at least 16 working days before each event, using the electrics order form on the exhibitor website. Furniture is not included, and must be booked at least two weeks before the event.


All stands at campus exhibitions are space only. A table and two chairs are included free of charge, but you must opt in to receive these. Visit your ENet account and add these to your basket via the shop.

Due to the varying nature of each exhibition venue, electricity cannot be guaranteed. UCAS advises any exhibitor needing electricity to contact ahead of your booking. If electricity can be supplied, it may be subject to an additional cost from the organiser. 

So far, the following locations can offer power to a limited number of exhibitors on a first  come, first served basis:
East London
North Wales
South London
Tees Valley
West and North Yorkshire
West Wales


What can I dress my stand with?

Shell scheme exhibitions

The shell scheme structure allows exhibitors to display posters, Foamex graphic panels, lightweight framed pictures, Perspex leaflet holders, and lightweight merchandise on the nylon loop-covered wall panels, using Velcro dots or tape. Additional premium furniture and audio-visual packages will be available to order if required. Visit the shop within ENet to add items to your order. 

Our stand contractor, Formula Exhibitions, offer a graphics printing service should you need assistance. A booking form is available here.

Campus exhibitions

You may dress your stand however you want, but you must not go outside your allocated space. If you do, you will be asked to remove items.


How are stands allocated?

Due to the large number of organisations who take part in our exhibitions, we are unable to take individual requests for stand positions at the events. Stands will be positioned in alphabetical order according to the organisation number or company name, where applicable.
If you have registered to exhibit at an exhibition less than six to eight weeks before the event, it is highly likely you will not feature in the printed materials, as they will have been sent to print. For a detailed account on how stands are allocated, please read the allocation of exhibitor space procedure within the terms and conditions. 

Educational providers

In accordance with HELOA, UCAS places course providers in alphabetical order, based on their provider code and geographical location, e.g. all ‘University of London’ course providers will be located in the same area. UCAS rotates the numbering sequence on the floor plan to ensure providers are positioned in different areas each year. Occasionally, we will split up popular local exhibitors to avoid congestion.

Non-educational providers

All non-educational providers are grouped in a prominent position at the event in alphabetical order.


The Higher Education Liaison Officers Association (HELOA) is the professional association of staff in higher education. HELOA works in the field of education liaison, and provides guidance and information to prospective higher education students, their families, and advisers. All UCAS exhibitions are in association with HELOA. For more information, please visit the HELOA website.


What are UCAS and UCAS Media?

UCAS is a registered charity (charity number 1024741) that manages applications to higher education providers in the UK.

UCAS Media Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of UCAS, whose products and services are the only comprehensive, authoritative, and effective way of reaching applicants wanting to enter higher education. UCAS Media gift aids 100% of its profit to UCAS to help fund the charity. The UCAS Events Team is a department within UCAS, and the Event Sales Team sits within UCAS Media.


When can I download pre-event information?

Each UCAS exhibition will have its own web page on the UCAS website. The web pages contain important information needed to effectively and safely exhibit at each exhibition, such as opening times, access and parking information, venue details, etc. All pre-event information will be uploaded at least six to eight weeks prior to the exhibition. All exhibitors should ensure they have read and passed on the information to the relevant member of staff manning their stand.


When can I build and dismantle my stand?

In accordance with the exhibitor code of conduct, all stand build-up and breakdown activities should be performed outside exhibition opening times. Please refer to the exhibitor manual for each event for details.


Where can I find my stand number?

Floor plans and stand numbers are finalised around four to six weeks ahead of the exhibition, so event materials can be printed. They are available on the appropriate event web page around four to six weeks in advance of the exhibition. Once the floor plan is available online, simply download a copy to see where your stand is located and what your stand number is. If you have registered to exhibit less than six weeks prior to the event, it is unlikely you will feature on the floor plan, as it will have been sent to print. In this case, please contact the relevant organiser directly for your stand number.


What payment options are there?

All bookings must be made online. Raising a purchase order alone will not constitute a booking.

Pay by invoice:

We will raise and send an invoice to you, typically within two weeks of submitting your booking. If you do not have a purchase order number at the time of booking, and need one to appear on the invoice to make the payment, please email within seven days of making your booking. Please note, if UCAS re-issues your invoice, there may be an administration charge of £50.00 +VAT per re-issue. No charge is incurred if you ask for a copy of an existing invoice, or for additional items to be invoiced. For all payments and invoice queries, please contact

Pay by credit/debit card:

If you wish to pay by credit/debit card, please contact our Accounts Receivable Team with your invoice number to hand. A receipt will be sent to you for your records.

Pay by cheque:

If you wish to pay by cheque, please make it payable to UCAS Media Limited, and write your booking reference number on the back. Cheques should be posted to: Accounts Receivable, UCAS Media Limited, Rosehill, New Barn Lane, Cheltenham, GL52 3LZ.

By completing your booking and accepting the terms and conditions, you have entered into a legally binding contract.

If you have a finance question, or if you wish to pay by credit card over the telephone, please contact us by one of the following methods:


How many people can I have on my stand?

Please refer to the exhibitor code of conduct available within the terms and conditions.


How do I tell UCAS which of my staff will be attending?

Please let us know who will be staffing your stand at each event through your ENet portal.

Sign in with your username and password at

Follow the instructions found on this page.


Can I have sound on my stand?

Some exhibitors have asked to play music – we will allow this, with strict instructions that sound levels need to be low. UCAS staff will ask the exhibitor to turn music down, or off, if complaints are made. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to arrange the appropriate music licence with PRS and PPL to play recorded music in public.


Am I a suitable exhibitor/eligible to exhibit?

You must have been trading for a minimum of one year.

It is not possible to distribute food and drinks at the exhibitions. An individually wrapped confectionery item is ok.

You don’t have to be an education provider to exhibit but you must be relevant to the visitor audience. Please speak to a member of the Event Sales Team to find out more.

Education providers – if you offer a course, you must be accepting applications for the following admissions cycle. E.g. for 2020 exhibition attendance you must be accepting applications for courses starting in September 2021. 

For further advice please contact a member of the Event Sales Team.

Event Sales Team: