Food - Lifestyle Report 2020

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Students can sacrifice a lot to make ends meet, but not, it seems, their stomachs. When it comes to food, 50% of their weekly spend goes on satisfying this need.

It’s not just essentials either – takeaways or eating out take up the lion’s share of this spend. 80% get a takeaway at least once a month, and 22,000 of these admit to having a takeaway every single day!

In this edition of the student lifestyle report series, we’re able to rank the most popular takeaway outlet, discover students’ favourite cuisines, and discover whether Gen Z, famed for their ethical stance, are leading the way when it comes to veganism and other healthy eating practices.

It’s then that we might see the results of any changes in behaviours. We’ll be monitoring the situation throughout. Students have the option to defer a year, or even decide to change their decision and accept a university place closer to home because of the costs of living away. We may see a shift in the number of students coming from overseas – or more students than usual withdrawing completely. But whatever happens, the demand for university education remains strong.

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