Exhibitions 2020

UCAS Exhibitions

Following guidance issued by the Government throughout this week, UCAS has taken the decision to postpone all higher education exhibitions due to run through to the beginning of July.

For a full list of those affected, please visit our website.

Whilst we’re sure this decision doesn’t come as a surprise; we do recognise the time and effort that has already been invested in your presence at these events and apologise for the inconvenience this will cause.

We are currently looking at what this means for individual exhibitors, and your account manager will be in touch in the coming weeks to discuss this in more detail.

We’re committed to ensuring our customers are still able to benefit from continued access to those interested in full time higher education or higher or degree apprenticeships – and are looking at a number of options including running some of the events in the autumn term, and delivering access to advice through a digital solution.

Nothing beats being able to meet students face-to-face – find out more about how you can maximise this opportunity with either an exhibition stand, marketing opportunities or a combination of both.

For more information, please get in touch with our event client team: Kathryn Mead – 01242 544 645, or Sophie Orrell – 01242 544 841, or Jess Morris – 01242 544 674.

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Check our frequently asked questions for detail on what’s changed, and what the 2020 season offers exhibitors.