Exhibitions 2020

UCAS Exhibitions

Nothing beats being able to meet students face-to-face – find out more about how you can maximise this opportunity with either an exhibition stand, marketing opportunities or a combination of both.

For more information, please get in touch with our event client team: Kathryn Mead – 01242 544 645, or Sophie Orrell – 01242 544 841, or Jess Morris – 01242 544 674.

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Booking now live

Booking information

Check our frequently asked questions for detail on what’s changed, and what the 2020 season offers exhibitors.

Exhibitor bookings dates: 
- Subscriptions (HEPs part of the UCAS UG scheme only) is now live (up to 22 October 2019)
- Pay per event (HEPs, charities) From 29 October 2019 
- Pay per event (International HEPs and commercial) From 1 November 2019

Additional information


Please see below information about our scanning process:

  • Understanding how you can use data from scanning at UCAS exhibitions
  • A sample of the data scanning report can be viewed here (available soon) 
  • Manual for setting up scanners (available soon)
  • Unsure how data scanning works? Check out this handy video