EXACT is our unique data service, which uses our historic and live-cycle data, to help you answer your strategic, planning, and research questions. 
EXACT is perfect for course providers that have experience of using data analysis tools, but want to ensure their strategy is data-driven. EXACT allows you to choose from billions of possible specifications, to generate outputs for your own analysis.

•    You need to start by defining the question you need answering. Then we'll help you understand the scope of your data (such as a specific admissions cycle).
•    You’ll select the dimensions (we offer over 100 such variables). 
•    Finally, you choose the statistics you want data calculated for (from counts such as the number of applicants, applications, offers, replies, and acceptances to more advanced metrics, such as average drive time from home to provider, and average A level attainment). 

This service allows you to analyse the output in your own systems, then use this insight to focus your recruitment, marketing, and portfolio strategies.

How others used the service:
•    A higher tariff university was keen to attract applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds
•    A higher tariff university wanted to increase applications to its law faculty

For more information on how you can optimise the EXACT data service, view the licence agreement and pricing information, contact Suzanne Campbell, Insight Consultant, on 01242 544 957.

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