Brands - Lifestyle Report 2020

Who's hot, who's not?

In this second edition of the UCAS Media 2020 student lifestyle report series we’re looking at brands and what students think of them.

This year, more than in any previous year, our survey suggests that brands must do much more than just look good. Being an ethical and sustainable company is now so important to this young cohort, that if you don’t play by the rules of planet and people first, you’ll pay the price at the check-out. But how is this playing out in this year’s table of top brands?

We look at which brands and sectors are resonating with students, are the brands themselves responsible? Or are they lucky recipients of better engagement through a wider social scene on Instagram or YouTube?

Then there’s the losers, who’s not making the cut? Is it just bad marketing campaigns or is there a fundamental lack of understanding with Gen Z? Let’s find out.

whos hot whos not

Over 22,000 students surveyed!

For this year's lifestyle reports, we surveyed students from first year all the way to final year, to ensure we have a complete picture of their lifestyles and interests, in total over 22,000 students we're surveyed, making this the most in-depth student lifestyle report in the UK.

As ever, our report aims to help brands better understand this group as consumers, offer guidance on how to harness their spending power and deliver some revealing facts along the way!

Brands - lifestyle report

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