Apprenticeship listings

Convert candidates to your apprenticeship offering with UCAS’ apprenticeship search

Students considering their post-18 options turn to UCAS for inspiration. A trusted source of information and advice, UCAS supports students as they make the next step – whatever that might be.

For apprenticeship providers, is a unique opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of students about to make those decisions. Employers can see the benefits immediately, with our free job listing option. We have many additional chances to promote each opportunity with our packages.

Sitting alongside, and benefiting from the strength of the UCAS brand, promoting individual jobs on will increase your brand awareness with this key audience, and deliver the results you need to meet your recruitment targets.

Our apprenticeship package can you help you to engage candidates as they start their research, using our unique ability to segment marketing activity based on our knowledge of where a student is in their decision-making process.

Apprenticeship listings

Increase your impact by joining UCAS on a student’s decision-making journey.

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